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Garage Door Repair Projects Completed

Does your garage door seem like it's about to get off its tracks? Are your springs squeaking something fierce and you're worried they're about to break? Our trained technicians can solve these problems for you without compromising anyone's safety. Take a look at our latest projects below to learn what we can do to help.

Garage Door Troubleshooting | Ovilla | Red Oak, TX

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: The customer found that his garage door was behaving oddly compared to before, so he quickly had us come out to inspect it.
Our Solution: Once the entire system had been thoroughly looked over by our expert, it was discovered that the problem was with the garage door opener itself. It was in need of repairs to its circuit board, which were swiftly tended to by us. The opener was then reinstalled right away and tested.

Earnest Murray - Ovilla
Opener Installation in Oak Leaf | Garage Door Repair Red Oak, TX

Opener Installation

Customer Issue: Mrs. Kozlov needed an electric opener put in for the apartment garage she was preparing to rent out.
Our Solution: As it was a small and not particularly heavy garage door, a 1/3 horsepower Chamberlain 3130M sufficed for the job. Installation of this small unit didn’t take up too much of the limited garage space, and when tested it wasn’t overtaxed by the lightweight door.

Lorraine Kozlov - Oak Leaf
Garage Door Off Track | Garage Door Repair Red Oak, TX

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Bent tracks and worn rollers.
Our Solution: Not only were the vertical garage door tracks dented, but a few of the rollers were damaged as well. This led to the door getting off track and nearly collapsing altogether. We repaired the tracks and replaced the damaged rollers. Then we realigned the door into its correct position and made sure it could open and close safely.

Owen Trimarth - Red Oak
Sensor Alignment | Garage Door Repair Red Oak, TX

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: Garage door won't close.
Our Solution: The reason for the malfunction was misalignment of the safety sensors. Because they weren't facing each other, they were mistakenly detecting an obstacle in the door's path, and were preventing it from closing. We carefully repositioned them and made sure the door could close easily once again.

Sean Osterman - Red Oak
Spring Replacement | Garage Door Repair Red Oak, TX

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Broken garage door torsion spring.
Our Solution: After first making sure there was no damage to the panels (the door had slammed shut when the spring broke) we proceeded to remove the remains of the damaged torsion unit and replace it with a new one. We then opened and closed the door a few times to see if any spring adjustment was required.

Patricia Walberger - Lancaster

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